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Litespeed Cache (LSCache) is a powerful caching plugin that is designed to enhance the performance of websites running on servers powered by Litespeed Web Server. With its advanced caching algorithms and optimization techniques, Litespeed Cache can dramatically improve the loading speed of your website, resulting in a better user experience and higher search engine rankings.

David Ha
David Ha

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Why choose Litespeed Cache?

There are several compelling reasons to choose Litespeed Cache for your website. First and foremost, Litespeed Cache is known for its exceptional speed and performance. By utilizing advanced caching techniques, Litespeed Cache can dramatically reduce page load times, resulting in a faster and more responsive website experience for your visitors.

In addition to its speed benefits, Litespeed Cache also offers a wide range of features that can enhance the overall performance of your website. These features include support for HTTP/2 and QUIC protocols, which can further optimize the delivery of your content. Litespeed Cache also supports object caching, which can significantly reduce the load on your server by storing frequently accessed data in memory.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

Another advantage of using Litespeed Cache is its seamless integration with popular content management systems like WordPress. With a simple installation process and intuitive interface, Litespeed Cache allows you to easily configure and manage your caching settings without any technical expertise.

Furthermore, Litespeed Cache is designed to be highly compatible with a variety of hosting environments, making it suitable for websites of all sizes and types. Whether you’re running a small personal blog or managing a high-traffic e-commerce site, Litespeed Cache can adapt to your specific needs and provide optimal caching solutions.

Last but not least, Litespeed Cache offers excellent support and regular updates to ensure that you’re always up-to-date with the latest features and improvements. Their dedicated team of experts is readily available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter, making the overall experience of using Litespeed Cache a smooth and hassle-free one.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to improve the speed, performance, and overall user experience of your website, choosing Litespeed Cache is a wise decision. With its impressive features, easy integration, compatibility, and excellent support, Litespeed Cache is undoubtedly a top-notch caching solution for any website owner.

I do not recommend using Litespeed Cache unless you are using Litespeed server

I highly discourage the use of Litespeed Cache unless you are utilizing a Litespeed server for your website. The reason behind this recommendation is that Litespeed Cache is specifically designed to work optimally with Litespeed servers, which are known for their exceptional performance and efficiency.

When you use Litespeed Cache on a Litespeed server, you unlock its full potential and can take advantage of its advanced caching mechanisms and optimizations. This combination allows for lightning-fast page load times, reduced server load, and improved overall website performance.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

However, if you are not using a Litespeed server, implementing Litespeed Cache may not provide the same level of optimization and could potentially lead to compatibility issues or even unintended consequences. Different web servers have their own caching mechanisms, and attempting to integrate a server-specific caching solution like Litespeed Cache on a non-compatible server can result in conflicts and suboptimal performance.

It is crucial to consider your server environment when choosing a caching solution for your website. If you are using a Litespeed server, then Litespeed Cache is an excellent choice that will enhance your website’s speed and efficiency. But if you are using a different server, it would be more prudent to explore caching solutions specifically designed for that server environment to ensure maximum compatibility and performance.

Some cheap and quality hosting providers use LiteSpeed server

There are some hosting providers that offer both affordable pricing and quality service by utilizing the LiteSpeed server. Among them, chemicloud and hostarmada are two notable examples.

  • ChemiCloud: ChemiCloud is a renowned cloud hosting provider known for its robust infrastructure and cost-effective plans. They employ the LiteSpeed server to deliver excellent performance and fast loading times for their customers’ websites. The LiteSpeed server is engineered to optimize PHP processing and incorporates advanced caching technology, resulting in accelerated page loading speeds and enhanced user experience. Additionally, Chemicloud offers strong security features, 24/7 support, and a user-friendly management interface.
  • HostArmada: HostArmada is an emerging hosting provider committed to delivering high-quality hosting solutions at reasonable prices. They utilize the LiteSpeed server to ensure high performance and quick loading times for their customers’ websites. With its powerful PHP processing capabilities, the LiteSpeed server optimizes performance and reduces response times. Hostarmada also provides advanced security features, 24/7 support, and an easy-to-use management interface to assist users in efficiently managing their hosting services.

Both of these providers are highly regarded for their quality of service, performance, and reliability. By utilizing the LiteSpeed server, they are able to offer fast page loading speeds and an enhanced user experience for their customers.

If your website has high traffic and over 400 pages, Litespeed is for you

If your website receives a high volume of traffic and has over 400 pages, Litespeed is the perfect solution for you. Let’s dive deeper into the specifics of Litespeed and why it is a suitable choice for your website.

When a website experiences a significant increase in traffic and surpasses 400 pages, it often poses a challenge for regular web servers. This is where Litespeed emerges as an excellent solution to efficiently handle the surge in traffic and ensure smooth browsing experiences across your rich web content.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

With its outstanding performance and efficiency, Litespeed has the capability to effectively process the increased traffic while maintaining the stability of the web server. Through parallel processing and resource optimization, Litespeed accelerates page loading speed, improves response time, and minimizes customer wait time. This not only enhances user experience but also positively impacts SEO and the ranking of your website on search engines.

Whether you run a bustling e-commerce platform, a content-rich blog, or any other type of website that demands optimal speed and reliability, Litespeed with its advanced features and powerful capabilities is the perfect choice to elevate your online presence.

Therefore, if you are seeking a reliable, high-performance web server that can effortlessly handle the demands of a high-traffic website with an extensive page count, look no further than Litespeed. With its perfect blend of features and performance, Litespeed is the ideal solution to meet the unique requirements of your website.

Yes! Litespeed Cache is difficult to use for beginners!

Absolutely! Litespeed Cache is indeed a powerful caching solution that offers various advanced features and functionalities to optimize website performance. However, it is important to note that for beginners who are new to the concept of caching and website optimization, Litespeed Cache can present some challenges.

One of the reasons why Litespeed Cache may be difficult for beginners is its intricate settings and configurations. The plugin provides users with a wide range of options and customization choices, which can initially seem overwhelming to those who are not familiar with caching terminology or the specific technicalities involved. From cache control settings to ESI (Edge Side Includes) configuration, there are numerous aspects that need to be understood and appropriately adjusted to ensure optimal performance.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

Moreover, Litespeed Cache integrates seamlessly with the Litespeed Web Server, which is known for its exceptional speed and efficiency. While this integration offers significant advantages in terms of performance optimization, it also adds an extra layer of complexity for beginners who may not be familiar with server-side technologies or the intricacies of web hosting environments.

However, despite these initial challenges, it is important to emphasize that Litespeed Cache is not an insurmountable obstacle for beginners. With a little patience, determination, and the willingness to learn, anyone can successfully navigate the complexities of this caching solution. There are numerous resources available online, including tutorials, documentation, and community forums, that can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the learning process.

By investing time and effort into understanding the various settings and configurations offered by Litespeed Cache, beginners can gradually become more comfortable with the plugin’s functionalities. They can gain a deeper understanding of how caching works and how it can significantly improve website performance by reducing page load times and optimizing server resources.

In conclusion, while Litespeed Cache may initially pose some difficulties for beginners, it is important to approach it as an opportunity for growth and learning. With dedication and a willingness to explore its features, beginners can gain the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize Litespeed Cache and achieve remarkable improvements in their website’s speed and performance.

Litespeed Cache is compatible with my favorite security plugins, BBQ Pro, Blackhole Pro, Banhammer Pro!

Litespeed Cache, the exceptional caching solution, caters to the compatibility needs of your favorite security plugins, including BBQ Pro, Blackhole Pro, and Banhammer Pro. One key reason behind this compatibility lies in the dynamic cache feature offered by Litespeed Cache. Unlike full page cache, which can pose compatibility challenges with certain plugins, dynamic cache seamlessly adapts to the ever-changing nature of your website’s content and functionality.

Dynamic cache, in essence, intelligently analyzes the dynamic elements of your website, such as user sessions, logged-in states, personalized content, and shopping carts. By selectively caching only the static portions of your website and excluding these dynamic elements, Litespeed Cache ensures that the functionality and security provided by plugins like BBQ Pro, Blackhole Pro, and Banhammer Pro remain fully intact.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

This unique approach allows Litespeed Cache to provide lightning-fast performance while preserving the essential security measures provided by these plugins. With dynamic cache at its core, Litespeed Cache strikes the perfect balance between speed and security, creating a harmonious environment where your website can thrive without compromising on any front.

In summary, the compatibility between Litespeed Cache and your favorite security plugins is primarily due to the dynamic caching feature offered by Litespeed Cache. This feature intelligently handles the dynamic aspects of your website, ensuring optimal performance while maintaining the robust security provided by BBQ Pro, Blackhole Pro, and Banhammer Pro.

QUIC.Cloud CDN has excellent quality!

QUIC.Cloud CDN is a highly regarded content delivery network (CDN) known for its exceptional quality and performance. Built on advanced technology and modern infrastructure, QUIC.Cloud CDN ensures that websites and applications are delivered to users with astonishing speed and unwavering reliability. Its powerful network spans strategically across the globe, enabling efficient content storage and distribution, minimizing latency, and guaranteeing a seamless user experience. The CDN’s intelligent optimization algorithms enhance content delivery, reducing load times, and optimizing overall performance.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

Furthermore, QUIC.Cloud CDN boasts comprehensive security measures to protect against cyber threats and DDoS attacks, ensuring the safety of data and user privacy. The commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with the outstanding quality of service, makes QUIC.Cloud CDN the top choice for businesses and individuals seeking a premier content delivery solution. With QUIC.Cloud CDN, you can rest assured that your content will be distributed effectively, rapidly, and securely, delivering an exceptional user experience.

However, you can also use Litespeed Cache together with another CDN!

In addition to utilizing Litespeed Cache, you have the flexibility to integrate it with various other Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as Bunny CDN and KeyCDN. By leveraging the power of these additional CDNs, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your website’s caching capabilities.

Bunny CDN, for instance, is a globally distributed network that operates on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. It offers lightning-fast content delivery by strategically placing its edge servers around the world. With Bunny CDN working in conjunction with Litespeed Cache, your website’s content will be served from the nearest edge server to each user, ensuring minimal latency and faster load times.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

Similarly, KeyCDN is another popular CDN that provides a wide range of features and benefits. It boasts a global network of servers that are strategically positioned to deliver content quickly and efficiently. By integrating KeyCDN with Litespeed Cache, you can further optimize your website’s performance by leveraging KeyCDN’s advanced caching mechanisms and intelligent routing capabilities.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

By combining Litespeed Cache with these additional CDNs, you can take advantage of the strengths and advantages offered by each platform. This multi-CDN approach ensures that your website’s content is delivered promptly and reliably to users all over the world. It also helps distribute the server load, preventing any single point of failure and enhancing overall scalability.

So, whether you choose Bunny CDN, KeyCDN, or any other compatible CDN, integrating it with Litespeed Cache allows you to unlock the full potential of your website’s caching system, delivering an exceptional user experience while maintaining optimal performance.

Litespeed Cache also works well with image optimization plugins like ShortPixel or EWWW Image Optimizer!

Litespeed Cache is an exceptional caching plugin that not only boosts website performance but also seamlessly integrates with popular image optimization plugins such as ShortPixel or EWWW Image Optimizer. These image optimization plugins are designed to compress and optimize images on a website, reducing their file size without compromising their quality.

When used in conjunction with Litespeed Cache, these image optimization plugins enhance the overall loading speed of a website’s images. This means that when a user visits a website, the optimized images will load much faster, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable browsing experience. Additionally, the reduced file sizes of the images also contribute to faster page load times, reducing the overall bandwidth usage and improving site performance.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

The combination of Litespeed Cache and image optimization plugins offers website owners a comprehensive solution to improve their website’s performance. By effectively caching content and optimizing images, these plugins work together to reduce server load, minimize page load times, and enhance the overall user experience.

Moreover, the integration between Litespeed Cache and image optimization plugins ensures that every aspect of a website, including its visual elements and graphics, is fully optimized for optimal performance. This means that not only will the website load quickly, but the images will also be displayed in their best possible quality.

With this winning combination, website owners can achieve significant improvements in website speed, search engine rankings, and user satisfaction. By reducing page load times and enhancing the overall browsing experience, the Litespeed Cache and image optimization plugin integration provides a powerful solution for any website looking to optimize its performance and deliver an exceptional user experience.

You can use Litespeed Cache in conjunction with Perfmatters to optimize your website more effectively!

By utilizing the powerful combination of Litespeed Cache and Perfmatters, you can significantly enhance the optimization of your website. Litespeed Cache is a robust tool that effectively stores and serves your web pages by creating an advanced caching mechanism. When you employ Litespeed Cache, your website is stored in a cache memory, resulting in reduced page loading times and improved user experience.

Perfmatters - The great WP optimization plugin - It Startup
Perfmatters – The great WP optimization plugin – It Startup

In addition, Perfmatters provides a plethora of optimization features for your website. You can disable unnecessary scripts and stylesheets, optimize images, and manage resource loading. By doing so, you minimize the web page’s payload and improve loading times.

When used in conjunction, Litespeed Cache and Perfmatters create a unique and powerful synergy that unlocks the true potential of your website. By optimizing performance and speed, your website operates at peak efficiency while delivering an exceptional browsing experience to users. With this combination, you can ensure that your website functions effectively and provides an excellent browsing experience for your visitors.

Litespeed Cache is a powerful caching plugin that offers seamless compatibility with some of the most popular SEO plugins available in the market. This means that website owners can easily integrate Litespeed Cache with plugins like Rank Math, SEOPress, and Slim SEO to optimize their website’s performance and enhance their search engine optimization efforts.

When it comes to improving website performance, caching plays a crucial role by storing static versions of web pages and serving them to visitors instead of generating them dynamically each time. Litespeed Cache excels in this area, as it efficiently caches web pages, scripts, and other resources to significantly reduce server load and speed up page load times.

In addition to its caching capabilities, Litespeed Cache seamlessly integrates with leading SEO plugins. This compatibility allows website owners to leverage the advanced features offered by these plugins to improve their website’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Rank Math, for instance, is a popular SEO plugin that helps users optimize their website’s on-page SEO. It offers features like keyword optimization, SEO analysis, and XML sitemap generation. By integrating Rank Math with Litespeed Cache, users can ensure that their optimized content is delivered quickly to visitors, resulting in a better user experience and improved search engine rankings.

SEOPress is another well-known SEO plugin that provides comprehensive tools for on-page optimization, metadata management, and social media integration. When combined with Litespeed Cache, SEOPress allows website owners to enhance their website’s performance while implementing effective SEO strategies.

Slim SEO is a lightweight SEO plugin that focuses on improving website speed and performance with minimal resource usage. By using Litespeed Cache in conjunction with Slim SEO, website owners can achieve a fine balance between performance optimization and effective SEO practices.

Overall, the compatibility between Litespeed Cache and these popular SEO plugins creates a powerful synergy that enables website owners to optimize their website’s performance and improve their search engine visibility. By leveraging the unique strengths of both caching and SEO plugins, users can achieve faster page load times, better user experiences, and higher rankings in search engine results.

The results of my website when using Litespeed

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

Yes, I must say that the website speed is rather impressive when utilizing Litespeed Cache! With a Time To First Byte (TTFB) ranging between 95-110ms, it certainly falls within the realm of being quick and satisfactory. What sets Litespeed Cache apart is its ability to provide not just a virtual sense of speed, but a tangible 100% real speed that can be observed when accessing the developer tool window. Of course, it’s important to note that achieving a Google score of 100 is not entirely feasible in this scenario, as the website is hosted on a cost-effective package that caters to a wide range of users, and also incorporates various effects and images. Nonetheless, these factors are well within the acceptable range of performance and should not be cause for concern.

Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup
David Ha
David Ha

X-Litespeed-Cache: hit

Some similar (better) choices to Litespeed Cache

Here are some similar and potentially better choices to Litespeed Cache:

  1. Swift Performance: Swift Performance is a popular caching plugin for WordPress that offers advanced features to optimize website performance. It provides options for caching, minification, image optimization, and more. Swift Performance AI is an add-on for Swift Performance that utilizes artificial intelligence to optimize website loading speed based on real-time data.
  2. FlyingPress: FlyingPress is another caching plugin for WordPress that focuses on improving website performance. It offers features such as page caching, lazy loading, and preloading to minimize page load times. FlyingPress aims to provide a simple and efficient solution for optimizing website speed.

These alternatives can help enhance the caching and performance of your website, offering potential improvements over Litespeed Cache.

Read more: FlyingPress – The great WordPress caching plugin!

Read more: Swift Performance AI review and settings!

My settings for Litespeed Cache

First, there are many tutorials available on the internet, so I will briefly discuss my settings! These are the most basic settings and rarely encounter errors. However, if you want to customize more, please feel free to check them yourself.


Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

In this section, I will keep it as is because I don’t use QUIC.Cloud CDN. If you use this service, please click on the “Request Domain Key” button!

  • Automatically Upgrade: Off – it’s safer to manually update plugins.
  • Domain Key: request a domain key, add it here, then link to
  • Guest Mode: Depends
  • Guest Optimization: Depends
  • Server IP: click “Check my public IP from,” then paste your server’s IP address.
  • Notifications: On – turn off if you don’t want LiteSpeed’s notifications (like new releases).


  • Enable Cache: On
  • Cache Logged-in Users: Off 
  • Cache Commenters: Off 
  • Cache Rest API: On 
  • Cache Login Page: On 
  • Cache favicon.ico: On 
  • Cache PHP Resources: On
  • Cache Mobile: Depends
  • Cache URIs: It is usually not necessary for most websites, as the “cache logged-in users” setting takes care of private cached URIs. Generally, there is no need to force cache any pages on your site.
  • Drop Query String: Marketing campaigns and tracking URLs often contain query strings where caching is ignored. The default list is usually sufficient, but if you have additional ones, please include them.
Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup
David Ha
David Ha

TTL, Purge, Excludes, ESI to be set as defaults.


Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup
  • Persistent Connection: On – connection is kept alive to make object cache even faster.
  • Cache WP-Admin: On – speeds up admin (keep on unless you’re seeing outdated data).
  • Store Transients: Off when cache wp-admin is enabled – shows server status notifications when cache wp-admin is disabled. If that setting is on, you can leave this off.


Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup
  • Browser Cache: On – not sure why this isn’t enabled by default.
  • Browser Cache TTL: 31557600 – 1 year (~31557600 seconds) is recommended by Google to “serve static assets with an efficient cache policy” and tells browsers how long cache is stored. WooCommerce or dynamic websites probably want to set this to 43800 (1 month).


  • Login Cookie: Leave as is. This is only necessary if you have multiple WordPress installations and need the cache to differentiate between who is logged into each WordPress site. This is not used for a multisite.
  • Improve HTTP/HTTPS Compatibility: Off – Only enable this option if you are using both HTTP and HTTPS and are experiencing cache-related issues. Another solution you can try is forcing SSL.
  • Instant Click: On – When users hover over a link, the page is downloaded in the background so that by the time they click on it, the page loads instantly. Enabling this feature can consume resources.
David Ha
David Ha

This configuration is less prone to errors and suitable for everyone!


Litespeed Cache review and settings - It Startup
Litespeed Cache review and settings – It Startup

I do not personally utilize the Quic.Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. However, I would highly recommend considering the implementation of either KeyCDN or BunnyCDN as suitable alternatives for your CDN needs. Both KeyCDN and BunnyCDN offer robust features and reliable performance that can greatly enhance the speed and efficiency of your website or application. By selecting either KeyCDN or BunnyCDN, you can ensure that your content is delivered to users in a swift and seamless manner, optimizing the overall user experience.

I TURN OFF everything in Page Optimization and Image Optimization

I regularly utilize Perfmatters and Short Pixel to effectively optimize and compress images, ensuring optimal website performance. However, unless you are utilizing the CDN Quic.Cloud, I would advise against compressing CSS and JS files. It is worth mentioning that I am currently utilizing a specific CDN for this purpose, which provides excellent results.


I have been using the Advanced Database Cleaner plugin for optimizing the database, and I personally find it to be superior to the Litespeed Cache plugin. The reason for this is that the Advanced Database Cleaner is specifically designed to optimize the database, making it more efficient and improving its overall performance. Consequently, I have made the decision to leave the Advanced Database Cleaner plugin as it is and refrain from making any modifications to it.

David Ha
David Ha

More info about Advanced Database Cleaner: read here!


I do not utilize the Crawler feature, therefore I opt to deactivate it as well!


After reviewing and testing Litespeed cache, it is evident that this plugin is highly suitable for large websites with high traffic and a substantial number of articles, specifically those with over 400 posts. However, it should be noted that Litespeed cache can be quite challenging to customize, especially for novice users who wish to optimize CSS, JS, and image files.

For users seeking more user-friendly options for optimizing these elements individually, I recommend considering separate plugins such as Short Pixel and Perfmatters. These plugins offer more straightforward customization features for CSS, JS, and image optimization.

If you find that Litespeed cache does not meet your requirements or prefer exploring alternatives, two viable options to consider are FlyingPress and Swift Performance AI. These plugins offer comparable functionality and can serve as suitable replacements for Litespeed cache.

David Ha
David Ha

Cheap hosting providers, such as HostArmada and ChemiCloud, offer Litespeed servers!

In conclusion, while Litespeed cache is a robust caching plugin, it is important to consider the specific needs of your website, especially in terms of size, traffic, and customization requirements. By exploring alternative plugins like Short Pixel, Perfmatters, FlyingPress, or Swift Performance AI, you can find a solution that better aligns with your website’s optimization needs and user-friendliness.

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